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OCT 11-12 Calling all artists! The Austin Independent School District is hosting an art festival at a local high school in order to raise funds for the school year. Students have been working vigorously for the past two months to organize the event, and come October 10, their hard work will come to fruition. Local singing and dancing acts will be singing down on the football field; dozens of concessions will be set up in the parking lot to sell food, arts and crafts, clothes, and more! Everyone is welcome; in fact, they’re encouraged to come down and pay tribute to the local artists around town. Not enough incentive for you? Celebrity endorsements will be present at the event to sign autographs and interact with fans, so come on down and share a home-made cookie with your favorite television actor or country singer! CLICK TO READ MORE

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 adventure time ,, tag: char/forrest
 Posted: Oct 13 2014, 06:04 PM
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this is the road to ruin
Melo finally heard from his father the other day upon the arrival of his other siblings. He was confused and pleased to find out that his father was actually not sick and feeling quite well. His father’s fake sickness had just been a ploy to get the family back together again and to eventually get things to how they used to be. Melo and his family had always been a tight nit group and ever since their mother died, he and his siblings have drifted apart both literally and figuratively. Having them all back here was bittersweet. There was a bit of an awkward, unsaid animosity between everyone. Melo could tell that most of it was geared towards him, considering he’s the sibling who managed to go his separate way without so much as a word to any of them. Five years he’d been virtually nonexistent in the lives of his siblings, only keeping in touch with his father every now and then. He hasn’t sat down with his siblings since they all went to their father’s home the other day and had been keeping busy on purpose until he could find the right words. Melo wasn’t much of a serious guy but when serious subjects did come up he liked to go into them knowing exactly what he wanted to say, or else he wouldn’t say anything at all or would make a stupid joke out of the situation and take it too lightly. He’d picked up a few more clients at the gym teaching rock climbing and he’s been going on tours in the mountains almost every weekend. The more he had to do the more legitimate his excuses towards his siblings could be. Although part of him, a very big part, just wants to tell them all to get over the past so they can just move on. It’s how he felt. Dwelling on the past was the last thing he wanted to do, that was the whole reason he left home in the first place.

So here he was at work. It was a busy day client after client with just a minor lunch break. Luckily he actually liked his job so he didn’t mind the long hours. At the moment he was directing a new client as he was about to ascend the “beginners” wall. The man didn’t exactly fit the bill of his usual clients in regards to his age. Melo’s clients were usually as young as 12 to around mid-twenties. This guy was different though. Melo was surprised when he expressed interest in taking a few classes and possibly going out into the mountains for a tour. But of course money was money so Melo wasn’t complaining. Melo went over the basics of climbing, the dos and don’ts as far as foot and hand placement and held his hands up as he explained the correct way to grip. Melo explained the general procedure for propelling back down once he reached the top of the wall and general rules of thumb when trying to recover from a stumble. He seemed to be talking a mile a minute, obviously having explained this before a million times but he was so passionate about it, it was obvious the repetitive spiel didn’t bore him. Just keep calm and don’t let your brain turn off. What gets people in trouble is the panic and all logical thinking is out the window and suddenly all they can think is “holy shit I’m gonna fall, I don’t wanna die”. Obviously, there won’t be any death here, Melo chuckled lightly as he motioned towards all his safety gear. But you get the gist, he added with a nod. Any questions?

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