October 21 Hello, Repenters! I hope you're having a wonderful week! We're almost halfway to Friday! Today the ACTIVITY CHECK was posted, so please, please, please go save your characters! You have until October 31 to save the ones you want to continue playing. Spotlight nominations will be posted soon after the activity check closes, so be sure to think about who you would like to nominate!

October 5 IT'S HERE. OUR NEW SKIN IS FINALLY HERE! As you can see, the staff is super excited, and we hope that you lovely members are too! There is a bunch of new stuffs but also a lot of the same! For all of the details about the new skin, PLEASE READ THIS ANNOUNCMENT!

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art festival
OCT 11-12 Calling all artists! The Austin Independent School District is hosting an art festival at a local high school in order to raise funds for the school year. Students have been working vigorously for the past two months to organize the event, and come October 10, their hard work will come to fruition. Local singing and dancing acts will be singing down on the football field; dozens of concessions will be set up in the parking lot to sell food, arts and crafts, clothes, and more! Everyone is welcome; in fact, they’re encouraged to come down and pay tribute to the local artists around town. Not enough incentive for you? Celebrity endorsements will be present at the event to sign autographs and interact with fans, so come on down and share a home-made cookie with your favorite television actor or country singer! CLICK TO READ MORE

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 back where i started ,, calzie~
 Posted: Oct 18 2014, 08:43 PM
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sometimes it feels like i'm gonna break sometimes this world gives more than i can take sometimes sunshine gets lost in the rain and it keeps pouring down it just keeps coming down this life would kill me if i didn't have you i couldn't live without you baby i wouldn't want to if you didn't love me so much i wouldn't make it through 'cause this life would kill me this life would kill me if i didn't have you ---
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she thought it was strange but callum had never exactly been the type of person one would call normal. he was unique and that was why she loved having him in her life. "oooo, dinner! yeah, we could do that" she nodded, trying to remember the last time she and callum ate any food together. her lunch period was usually spent off campus with her other friends or she would just skip it all in general. what he said next had her brows dropping down over her eyes, her head tilting slightly as she tried to figure out the why. "wait, i'm confused.." she said, leaning back in her chair. "why can't we.." she trailed off, shaking her head. "nevermind, you're right..." she nodded, her eyes shifting towards her unfinished homework. ugh. "so...what have you been up to?"

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